Why Provide A Free TeamSpeak Server?

Enigma-Gaming provides a free TeamSpeak server for anyone who wishes to use it, because not everyone gamer can afford to pay for one themselves. We want to give everyone the opportunity to be able to use this reliable piece of software for their gaming needs.

TeamSpeak provides a secure place for random players to play with each other without the risk of their IP address being leaked to other users.

The TeamSpeak Server is currently running on a 250mbit/s connection which allows everyone to have a stable connection to the server. We hope you all enjoy using our TeamSpeak server, if you have any queries or need any help do not hesitate to contact us.


Who Can Help Me?

Server Admin > Server Administrator – Contact via admin@enigma-gaming.co.uk or TeamSpeak

Admin > Admin – TeamSpeak Only

Mod > Mod* – TeamSpeak Only

Regular > Regular* – TeamSpeak Only


TeamSpeak Server Info

Server Status: Online
Server Name: Enigma-Gaming.co.uk
Server Uptime: 3D 21:14:13
Current Clients: 36 / 512
Server Address: Enigma-Gaming.co.uk
Unit Uptime: 87 days, 18 hours, 27 mins