Welcome Reddit Users!

Enigma-gaming.co.uk is providing you with a completely free to use TeamSpeak server with no hassle!

We heavily moderate the server to prevent other users harassing and disturbing our users! (No one likes to have their game ruined by trolls!)


If you wish to have a channel for just you and your team then I’d advise using the auto-generator made specifically to automate having your own channel rather than it being manually created!
Create your channel Here!
When creating a channel we ask that you provide us with an email & TeamSpeak user for moderation purposes and to provide you with channel administrator rights, this allows you to modify your own channel and create sub-channels.

Having this allows you to change the channel password and other various settings so that if you had a scenario where it needed changing you can do it freely without having to contact us!
If you need any assistance or notice a bug with my auto-generating coding (hopefully you don’t!) then please let us know! Either via the contact form, TeamSpeak or directly emailing admin@enigma-gaming.co.uk.

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