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What do we do?

Enigma-Gaming provides a free TeamSpeak Server for anyone who wishes to use it, as not everyone wants to go through the hassle of setting up and paying for one.
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DDOS attacks

We aim to provide a stable, secure environment for our users to continue to enjoy their gaming experience without having to worry about DDOS attacks, so that you can stay immersed in your gaming experience.


With 24/7 monitoring and redundant backups, we aim to be running 24/7 and back online during the event of catastrophic failure (such as hard failure) within an hour, with minimal data-loss.


We heavily moderate the TeamSpeak server to ensure that everyone has a good experience without any other users harassing them. If you ever need to contact us, you can via TeamSpeak or the website/forums.

By connecting to our TeamSpeak, you accept the rules stated in this link.

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