Why Should You Donate?

The costs to operate Enigma-Gaming are quite costly each month and we continue to pay for this out of our own pocket to ensure that we continue to provide this service for free.

If you would like to assist us in continuing to provide this service, please feel free to by using the button below.

What You Get in Return

In Reward for donating we will reward you with the server group Donator (Minimum donation of £3+) and if your Donation is over £10 we will move your channel into the VIP section.

In the future we will be implimenting rewards for larger amounts, this will take into account all donations made.

Other Donation Methods?

In some circumstances we may allow you to donate via other curriencies and/or methods, but this is in a case-by-case basis and cannot be gauranteed. For information on this, please contact Patrick directly.

We are unable to accept PaySafeCards under any circumstances.

Important Information

The donator Server Group comes with the ability to Poke & Kick. If these are used in any abusive way, we will remove these powers from you.

Donations are non-refundable as these are voluntary donations and are NOT considered payment for a service or product. As a bonus for this contribution to our operating costs you will receive rewards as specified above if the minimum amount is met.