Points System


1) Any form of abuse will result in you being banned for participating in the points system or being banned from our services entirely.

2) Using alternate identities to store points to avoid betting minimums will be punished in complete resets and banning of alternative UIDS.

3) If you find a bug and exploit it, you will be reset and possibly face a ban. (If you find a bug, report it immediately.)

4) Any use of multiple UID's for any reason will result in all accounts being reset.

5) Do not give people points just so that they reach the maximum rank, it removes all the fun of playing the points system entirely.

Access The Points System

Your TeamSpeak UID can be obtained by going to
Tools > Identities in TeamSpeak. Alternatively this is messaged to you on connection to the server.


You earn points by being connected to our TeamSpeak. Points are given every minute you are connected to the server.

Points Per Min

Normal Users:
Active: 4 Points Per Min
Idle: 1 Point Per Min

Active: 6 Points Per Min
Idle: 2 Points Per Min

The definition of Idle is not public knowledge as this is to prevent abuse of the systems.

Gambling Points

When you gamble your points you have a chance to win more back at the rates below.

Roll 60 or higher = 3* Amount Gambled

Roll 95 or higher = 4* Amount Gambled

Stocks System

The stocks system is just a fun addition to gain points in a different way, buy low sell high.

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